Leo teaches in a variety of ways.

Private drum lessons are available remotely or in-person (following appropriate COVID-19 guidelines). Leo has taught students at a variety of skill levels, from absolute beginners to serious and proficient musicians. In lessons a variety of skills will be taught, including technique, coordination, reading, musicality, and musical philosophies. If you are interested in lessons, reach out on the Contact page. 

Leo also does group lessons with kids with Music With Leo. This type of teaching involves engaging with young students in a fun and interactive way. Students typically range from toddlers to young children (3-6). Students get a chance to have fun and make music with Leo. Everybody dances, sings, and has a great time! If you are interested in hiring Leo for Music With Leo, reach out on the Contact page.

"[Leo] is a very skilled player and teacher. He is a big proponent of rudiments, which comprise the majority of the exercises he gives me and work we do together."

-Benny (17), Private Student